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How to choose new energy electric vehicle charger


With the increasing popularity of new energy vehicles, more and more families choose electric vehicles, and the improvement of charging settings of new energy vehicles is the most important issue for all consumers. In particular, the charging infrastructure in the cities and rural areas of the third, fourth and fifth tier is not perfect, and the household charging gun and charging pile are particularly important.

There are generally two types of household charging piles for electric vehicles. Portable charging guns, as the name implies, can be easily carried and charged at any time. One is wall-mounted or column-mounted charging piles, which generally require fixed installation positions and fixed use, and are applicable to fixed positions in garages or self-built houses. Household chargers are generally divided into 220V two-compartment power and 380V three-compartment power. Most household chargers choose 220V two-compartment power. Today, we will briefly analyze how to choose a household charger and how to connect the 220V hatchback.

The general power of the household new energy vehicle charger is between 1.25w-7kw, and the current is between 8-32A; The charging guns sold with the car are generally portable 8A-13A. This kind of charging gun is relatively convenient to use, especially the 8A charging gun can be used directly using the household triangle socket. The conventional household triangle socket is generally 10A. The biggest advantage of this kind of charging gun is that it is convenient to use, and the biggest disadvantage is that it is too slow to charge. Take 400km as an example, it takes about 40 hours to fill the 8A charging gun; This is suitable for small battery capacity, such as Benz mini.

Some other vehicles are equipped with 10A-13A portable charging guns, which can also be used directly at home in most cases. Even 13A portable guns can be used directly with adapters. The charging speed is also relatively slow. The charge of 10A is about 2 degrees per hour, and that of 13A is about 2.5 degrees per hour. Therefore, most new energy owners need to equip their own household charging gun after purchasing a car. In addition to some brands, such as Tesla, which distribute household charging piles, and the distribution of household charging guns plus a free installation are also additional charges of thousands of yuan, so many car owners still choose to configure their own household charging piles.

The three types of charging guns of 16A, 24A and 32A are the most suitable for household use. The power of 16A charging gun is 3.5KW. Generally, the triangular sockets such as water heaters and air conditioners can meet the charging requirements and can be used with 2.5 square meters of three-core copper wire. Household use is also relatively convenient, without separate wiring. If the line length is not enough, it can also be used with high-power row plug. The 16A battery can be charged for about 25 kilometers per hour, about 3.5 kilowatt-hours per hour, and the 400km battery can be fully charged in about 10 hours, so it can basically meet the needs of most household charging, and can be fully charged in one night.

24A is 5.2kw, about 5 kilowatt-hours per hour, which requires 4 square meters of three-core copper wire. The wiring of some families can also be used directly, especially for new houses. Most of the main lines meet the requirement of 4 square meters, and the charging speed of 24A is faster than that of 16A. However, the mainstream new energy charging guns in the market regard both 24A and 32A as a product series, and use special coupler sockets, which need to be wired separately for safety. Both 24A and 32A can be directly used at home by wiring at the incoming line of the household electricity meter and installing a special coupler socket. The 32A battery is generally the largest in household 220V charging kilometers, 7kw, and uses 6 square meters of three-core copper wire. It can charge about 60 kilometers and 7 kilowatt-hours of electricity in an hour, and the charging speed is sufficient for household use. However, the wiring installation of 24A and 32A is relatively more complex, and it needs to be installed and used separately according to the requirements. At the same time, due to the large power, it needs to be equipped with safe air switch.

Therefore, based on the power, charging time and installation requirements of the above-mentioned charging gun for household new energy electric vehicles, it is basically to meet the different household wiring requirements to complete the selection, installation and use. If the household electric vehicle charging gun can be used by all households, it will greatly increase the consumption and purchase of electric vehicles by consumers, at the same time, it will greatly reduce the pressure on the delivery of social new energy charging infrastructure, and reduce the operating pressure of fast charging stations, Greatly promote the development of new energy industry.
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