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Advantages and application scenarios of 7.2KW AC EV Charger Tethered Wallbox


A wall-mounted electric vehicle charger with a maximum capacity of 7.2 kilowatts (kW), the 7.2KW AC EV Charger Tethered Wallbox can offer effective, practical, and secure electric car charging services. The charger connects to the public or residential power grid to obtain electric energy for charging. Its output current can be adjusted to meet the requirements of various kinds and levels of electric vehicles. In order to guarantee the security and dependability of charging, the 7.2KW AC EV Charger Tethered Wallbox also incorporates a number of safety protection features, including overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, and overtemperature protection. Its benefits and potential application situations are as follows:


7.2KW AC EV Charger Tethered Wallbox can charge electric vehicles quickly because to its high charging power.

Reliable, robust design for both indoor and outdoor settings

It is possible to monitor and manage every aspect of the charging process, increasing both safety and effectiveness.

Has a wide range of applications and is compatible with the majority of electric cars

Charge conveniently at home or in public areas to save money and time on charging.

Examples of applications

Install to offer families or individual electric vehicles comfortable charging services at home or in a private parking lot.

installed to give public electric vehicle charging services in commercial parking lots, business parking lots, or public parking lots.

installed in public spaces in both urban and rural locations to offer easy electric vehicle charging services and enhance urban air quality.

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