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What will a 120W solar panel run?


Many different gadgets can be powered by a 120W solar panel; however, which particular items it can power will depend on their power needs and consumption habits. The following are some possible uses for a 120W solar panel:

Small electronics may be readily charged by a 120W solar panel, including tablets, cellphones, and portable speakers. However, the battery life of each gadget and the amount of sunshine available will determine how long it takes to charge.

Running LED lights: Depending on the wattage and usage habits of the LED lights, a 120W solar panel can power many of them. For instance, a 120W solar panel with a battery bank can power a 10W LED lightbulb for up to 12 hours.

Operating small home appliances: A 120W solar panel may power small household appliances such as fans, clocks, and small refrigerators; however, the duration of their operation is contingent upon their power consumption and the quantity of sunshine that is available.

Operating water pumps: For low- to moderate-power applications such as irrigation and fountains, a 120W solar panel may also power tiny water pumps.

It's important to remember that a 120W solar panel's actual power output might vary based on a number of variables, including the quantity of sunshine it receives, the panel's orientation, and the efficiency of the inverter and solar controller. Furthermore, the amount of direct, unhindered sunshine the panel receives strongly correlates with its power production.

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