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Introduction to automobile charging pile


With the rapid development of the times, cars have already entered our daily life. There is no doubt that cars have brought great convenience to people's lives, and their exhaust emissions may also cause some pollution to the environment. In recent years, the sales market of new energy technology vehicles has developed rapidly. As the most important infrastructure construction of new energy technology vehicles, charging piles are also the most important supporting products.

What is the car charging pile?

Its function is similar to the refueling gun of the gas station. It can be fixed on the ground or wall and installed in commercial buildings (commercial buildings, large shopping malls, public parking lots, etc.) And the underground parking lot or charging pile in the community can charge various types of electric vehicle batteries for different rated voltages. The input end of the charging pile is immediately connected to the AC power grid, and the output end is mostly equipped with charger plugs to charge the electric vehicle battery. Most charging piles have basic battery charging and fast charging. You can use a specific credit card to swipe the credit card on the human-computer interaction provided by the charging pile, and print out the corresponding charging method, battery charging time cost and data information. The charging pile display can display relevant information such as charging amount, cost, battery charging time, etc.

How to classify car charging piles?

According to the installation method, it can include vertical charging piles and wall-mounted charging piles. The vertical charging pile is applicable to the parking space that does not stick to the wall. The wall-mounted charging pile is suitable for installation in the parking lot close to the wall. According to the installation method, it can include public charging piles and special charging piles. The public charging pile should integrate the construction of the parking lot in the public parking lot (garage) to provide public charging service for social travel. The special charging pile is used by the internal structure staff of the construction unit (company) for the existing underground parking lot (garage). Self-purchased charging piles are built in their own parking lots (garages) to provide charging piles for individual customers. Most charging piles are combined with parking spaces in underground parking lots (garages). The waterproof grade of charging pile installed outdoors shall not be less than IP54. The waterproof grade of the charging pile assembled in the room shall not be less than IP32.

What are the functions of car charging piles?

The charging pile (lock catch) can realize the battery charging in terms of duration, power consumption and money, and can be used as the terminal equipment for people to purchase electricity. At the same time, in order to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of public charging piles (plugs), the role of charging more than one pile (plug) and electric self-driving travel will be gradually improved in the future.

As of April 26, 2022, there have been 3102 expressway service areas in China that have built charge-change infrastructure, and about 13374 charging piles have been completed.
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